HMC Is Proud to Serve Our Communities

Designing the spaces people use every day is deeply rewarding. We strive to connect with our clients to better understand their architectural needs, providing them with sound, functional spaces that draw people into an environment where engaging with others comes naturally. Here are just a few of our favorite projects:


As civic designers, the best part of our job happens after a project is complete—when we learn from our clients the positive impact our spaces have on the public. Our goal at HMC Architects is to design modern, efficient, and beautiful civic spaces that bring people together and address their needs. From fire stations that serve and protect towns to community centers where people of all ages can meet, learn, play, or create —indoors and outdoors—our public space designs help communities flourish.



Healthcare design architects build and renovate hospitals, medical office buildings, and other healthcare centers, including behavioral health treatment facilities, to improve patient outcomes, increase patient satisfaction, and to provide medical staff with spaces to better treat the sick and save lives. At HMC Architects, we incorporate our healthcare clients' needs into the facilities we design and implement features that better support healthcare delivery and the physical and emotional needs all who use these buildings. We also complete these projects on budget and in an amazingly short amount of time.


Higher Education

Every great school marks its students with excellence. To become highly esteemed and sought after, higher-education institutions need facilities designed to enhance their signature methods of teaching. That’s why, at HMC Architects, we design college campus architecture that offers a framework in which students can thrive and that promotes good study habits and wellness for academic success. Whether your institution is a four-year university, a community college, a commuter campus, or a trade school, we can design an ideal environment in which students can learn and grow.



Education is evolving. More educators are embracing a Socratic model of teaching, where students work cooperatively to pose and answer questions and solve problems. Educational architecture, therefore, must incorporate designs that enable collaboration. This focus on teamwork starts well before the design phase. The most diligent architects of today’s Pre-K–12 facilities begin by collaborating with the school communities they serve.


Interior Architecture

A building’s exterior design is for the public; its interior design is for its people. At HMC Architects, we design interiors that welcome people indoors. Our spaces invite you to stay and enjoy your purpose in coming—whether working, learning, healing, playing, or socializing.


Let Us Design Your Space Exclusively for You

If your institution needs interior architecture designed for the way your people work, learn, live, and play—contact us. With our passion for design and love of crafting public spaces, we can develop creative solutions that are a natural expression of who you are and what you do. Browse the articles below to see more of our work. And if you’d like to talk about the space we can create or renovate specially for you, contact us. We’d love to hear about your organization and whatever interior architecture designs you dream of.