How might architecture evolve if computers completely took over the design and construction process? HMC’s Chief Impact Officer Lance Hosey will be exploring this question and the future of design automation at the 2021 Real Estate Technology Conference (RETCON) in a presentation titled “When Buildings Design Themselves” on March 30.

With advancements in digital technology unfolding faster than ever, automation has the power to revolutionize the design industry and possibly eliminate architects in the process. In his presentation, Lance will explore the future of design and discuss how architects can evolve and adapt to a future of artificial creativity. The presentation will expand on the ideas Lance presented in an article by the same name written for The Huffington Post.

RETCON is a new conference that brings together hundreds of executives and innovators leading the real estate technology revolution. The conference will take place virtually March 30-31. For more information, or to register, visit the event’s website.

View the recorded talk here.