HMC Architects’ Healthcare Planner and Researcher Adeleh Nejati, AIA, PhD, LEED AP, WELL AP, EDAC, will be presenting at The Center for Health Design’s San Francisco Bay Area Regional Health Design Insights Networking Virtual Event on August 26.

Before the COVID-19 pandemic, nearly half of all nurses exhibited substantial symptoms of work-related burnout. The pandemic has shown us that nurse mental health and well-being is paramount. So, how can designers create spaces to support nurses in a tangible way? Nejati and ClarkRN Consulting’s Clinical Operations Specialist Erin Clark, RN, MS, EDAC, will explore this question in a session titled “Research-based Innovations for Designing Staff Restorative Environments in Healthcare Facilities.” Nejati and Clark will present research on the impacts of stress on nurses, discuss findings that reveal the pressing need for design interventions to improve nurse restoration, and identify design solutions to promote respite areas in healthcare facilities.

The Center for Health Design advances best practices and empowers healthcare leaders with quality research that demonstrates the value of design to improve health outcomes, patient experience of care, and provider and staff satisfaction and performance. To learn more about the event, visit The Center’s website.