Digital design technologies allow designers to see beyond basic design principles, look deeply into the future of their designs, and deliver immense value to clients. How can a design firm gain buy-in from firm leadership and clients to secure the latest technologies? HMC Architects’ Director of Digital Practice Evan Troxel will explore this question and share proven tactics to deliver new services at the fourth annual Advancing Computational Building Design conference on October 29.

In a workshop titled “Securing Buy-In of Firm Senior Leaders, Clients, Colleagues and Project Managers to Safeguard Widespread Computation Investment & Implementation,” a panel of industry leaders will each share a brief case study on how they have achieved buy-in to new systems and services. Troxel will share proven tips and tricks for getting clients excited for new digital values and services.

As HMC’s director of digital practice, Troxel leads HMC’s vision, application, and integration of digital design technologies—including building information modeling, design computation, design analysis, virtual reality, and project delivery tools. The digital practice team promotes technology throughout the firm to ensure that HMC is delivering more value to clients, in less time, through the most advanced technologies on today’s market.

The annual Advancing Computational Building Design event enables forward-thinking architects and engineers to accelerate their adoption of generative, digital design tools across their projects. Attendees will learn from their peers about leveraging computation to inform decision making, provide the power to clients to better visualize their project, and drive collaborative relationships with designers. In response to the current pandemic, this year’s event will be held online from October 29-30. To learn more, or to register, visit the event’s website.