HMC Architects’ Nash Reyes participated in “Latin@s in Design Technology “ at this year’s Autodesk University. Based on a class survey and attendee feedback, the session won a Best of AU 2022 Speaker Award for Top Rated Panel.

In the architecture industry, women represent a small percentage of professionals, and a much smaller group represents the Latin American community. Reyes and representatives from  Gensler, and /slantis are making significant impacts in the industry. In the session, they discussed the effects of diversity, equity, and inclusion on AEC Design Technology, their career trajectories and perspectives, and how to elevate representation within the industry.

Nash Reyes is an agent of change. He builds and strengthens the Digital Practice culture at HMC Architects by demonstrating why it’s crucial to integrate it into business and project delivery. He has experience cultivating relationships with leadership, project teams, and key influencers to embrace a data-driven and informed design philosophy. Nash has vast experience in the design process and digital design integration at various project stages. He leads the firm in developing and realizing computational design, working effectively with multiple groups and experience levels.

Autodesk University brings engineers, builders, and creators together to explore new ways of imagining, designing, and making. Industry professionals learn alongside their peers in architecture, engineering, construction, manufacturing, and media and discover emerging technologies and trends to achieve a “new possible.” The Best of AU 2022 Speaker Awards celebrate top presenters in each class format at the conference. To learn more and view the panel, visit Autodesk University’s website.