Name & professional certifications // Peter Goodwin, Associate AIA

Position & studio // Designer II, San Diego

Years at HMC // Almost 2 years

Memorable projects // Del Dios Academy, Wegeforth Elementary Modernization

Extracurriculars // In my free time I like to do anything outdoors. Camping, hiking, cycling, or golfing is usually where you can find me but as of late, A.R.E. prep has taken most of my free time.  My fiancé Grace and I have camping trips planned to Yosemite and Zion this summer to celebrate finishing the A.R.E. So, the pressure is on!

Favorite Architect + why // I love tectonic architecture where the science and art of detailing a building is celebrated. Renzo Piano has mastered the ability to allow a detail to drive an entire project. I love the idea of picturing the light or shadow you want in a space, figuring out a detail to achieve it, then building an entire project around it. Renzo Piano does this on a macro scale while a firm like Olson Kundig does this on more of a residential scale.

If I weren’t an architect, I’d be a European backpacker who moonlights as a professional golfer.

Favorite TV show // Easily the “The Office” however, I’m currently watching old re-runs of “Survivor.”

Most recent book I read // “Can’t Hurt Me”, by David Goggins

Favorite Quote or life motto // “I’m not superstitious, but I am a little stitious.”