HMC Architects’ Director of BIM Technology Nash Reyes will speak at Engineering News Record’s (ENR) Future Tech 2021 in a panel discussion titled “Next Gen BIM” on June 10. Joined by Argyle, Inc.’s CEO Maret Thatcher, Reyes will discuss how teams can unleash the power of digital practices through the next generation of Building Information Modeling (BIM).

BIM is so much more than a technology—it’s a complex design and construction process that helps architects create innovative buildings of the future. The process encompasses several different design tools and methods with the end goal of making every phase of construction and design as efficient, safe, and cost-effective as possible. As HMC’s director of BIM technology, Reyes is passionate about elevating the practice of building information modeling by analyzing the way designers use — and misuse — the tools and data that creates them. His goal is to ensure HMC’s modeling is rich with accessible data.

ENR FutureTech invites leaders in architecture, engineering, and construction to explore emerging technologies that can enhance the construction process. Guests will explore the latest industry knowledge including which technologies work best, and what’s coming next for the future of the industry. The event will be held virtually, to learn more or to register visit ENR’s website.