There is an ongoing battle between humans and disease-causing bacteria—and drug-resistant organisms are gaining the upper hand. Moreover, they are becoming more resistant to antibiotics and are increasingly difficult to kill in the environment. Join Steve Wilson, HMC Architects, Maureen Spencer, UHS, and Rebecca Brennan, Design Studio Blue, at the Healthcare Design Expo + Conference as they share their new infection prevention checklist that they researched and developed for the new Henderson Hospital.

Healthcare Design Expo + Conference
November 12-15, 2016
Houston, TX

The New Henderson Hospital’s Infection Prevention Checklist
Speakers: Steve Wilson, Associate DBIA, Principal, HMC Architects; Maureen Spencer, RN, M.Ed, CIC, Corporate Director, Infection Prevention, Universal Health Services; Rebecca Brennan, CHID, RID, CID, EDAC, Principal, Design Studio Blue