Contributor Posts

Sherry Sajadpour

PreK-12 Principal in Charge

Sherry is an experienced senior PreK-12 architect, thought leader, planner, and mentor who brings over 20 years of educational design expertise and unique skillsets rooted in predesign, programming, and planning. Based in HMC's San Jose office, Sherry plays a pivotal role in fostering and maintaining long-term partnerships with clients, with a focus on creating inclusive and equitable learning environments. Sajadpour brings an analytical and empathetic approach, striving to blend rational thinking with emotional understanding. Her goal is to eliminate barriers, create a comfortable atmosphere, and ensure that all voices are heard. As the chair of the AIA Silicon Valley Women in Architecture committee, she actively works towards empowering women in the field and cultivating a more balanced and inclusive architectural community. As an accredited learning environment planner (ALEP), Sherry is committed to presenting design challenges with clear explanations. She values establishing meaningful connections with clients and serving as a trusted advisor to them. Her genuine passion lies in making a positive impact in the lives of students and educators, aiming to create inspiring spaces that cater to their unique needs.