HMC Architects’ Technical Manager Anthony Gainey is now a licensed architect in the State of California, having held previous licenses in New York, Massachusetts, and Colorado. Anthony moved to California at the beginning of 2023 and he considers conquering the CSE as a major accomplishment, given the significant differences in practicing in California versus other regions of the county. Earning his California license is a symbol of his dedication and commitment to the field, our firm, and our clients.  

Anthony is currently working as HMC’s Contract Administration representative for the UCSD Ridge Walk North Living and Learning Neighborhood project. “We have just broken ground on site and it will be an exciting next three years watching the design of our amazing team become a physical reality,” he said.  

Anthony’s proven expertise and diverse experience make him a valuable asset to HMC Architects as we continue to design for good. We commend his commitment to advancing the field of architecture in California and beyond. 

 Congratulations Anthony!