By Rita Saikali Carter, Design Leader

There’s always an underlying buzz around an architecture office, whispers of people engaging in what’s known as the infamous AREs (Architect Registration Examinations) for official licensure. In a recent conversation with a colleague at the coffee bar, in telling her about how a handful of us are trying to tackle a bunch of exams in before July 1, she jokingly responded with, “…those exams are like WWII, those who lived through it don’t talk about it to those who didn’t experience it.” Well said my friend, well said—point taken.

A couple of months ago, a group in the Ontario office (a collaborative of sorts), began sharing study tips, local lectures and sessions, and engaging in discussions about exams they’ve taken or are in the process of studying for. The informal group is currently composed of random in-person interactions as well as a mailing list that individuals “reply-all” to when they’ve discovered a new resource or tip they think will benefit all the active and soon-to-be active candidates. So far it’s been very beneficial to the candidates.







ARE you blackout ready?
The NCARB blackout takes effect beginning July 1, lasting about 8 weeks. During this time, no exams will be administered, and NCARB will be ramping up the “My Examination” section of its “My NCARB” portal — where candidates will be able to register for exams and see all their record information in one location.
– “My NCARB” can be accessed from NCARB’s homepage.
– “My Examination” can be accessed from within your “My NCARB” account.

A few more helpful links;
NCARB explains the new ARE system.
NCARB lays out a path to plan ahead before and post blackout.

Take note;

Active NCARB record holders >> Most will be automatically linked to My Examination. If not, you will need your candidate ID to link your Record and your examination information.

Active CAB record holders, with No NCARB record >> Create a “My NCARB” account > After the blackout, add the NCARB record service and fill out the application. The record activation fee will be waived for the first year through August 2014. There will be a $75 renewal fee each year afterwards to maintain access to “My Examination”.