By Steve Bennett, originally published on Adventures in the World of BIM

It’s still hard to believe, but HMC has given everyone an iPad 2! Now the possibilities for collaborating just went through the roof. Do we call each other on FaceTime now instead of the phone? Do we share info via iMessage? Anyways, now that I’ve had time to sit on it and let it soak in, I found myself crafting a list of apps that I’ve found useful to share, and naturally it included all the Autodesk apps. When I was done crafting it, I couldn’t believe how many apps are available already. You can find any of these apps by searching the iTunes store with the name provided. Read on for my full list…

Autodesk apps – all free unless noted:

AutoCAD WS – Dwg viewer/editor

Design Review Mobile – Wiew and markup DWF files (like a PDF but any Autodesk tool can print them)

Sketchbook Express – Hand sketching app

Sketchbook Pro for iPad – More features *** $4.99

Pixlromatic – Another photo editing software, but from Autodesk

Buzzsaw – If you are on a project with a buzzsaw account, you can access your files and view them in AutoCAD WS or Design Review Mobile

Bluestreak – Working on a project using Bluestreak and Revit Server? Get your notifications and messages on your iPad now!

123D Sculpt – Feed your inner sculptor with this clay modeling app

Autodesk ForceEffect – Physics simulator for testing forces against design models

Autodesk Imagine Design Create – eBook about design created with Autodesk products

Fluid FX – Something for the kids to tinker with *** $0.99

Time FX – Another clock app

TinkerBox – A physics puzzle game for the kid in all of us

Constructware – Access info from the jobsite application from Autodesk

Autodesk Area Mobile – Access Autodesk forums for media and entertainment products like 3ds Max or Maya

I’ve also come up with a few other apps that are essentials or just needed for when you feel like taking a break. Some of these come courtesy of Evan Troxel in the Ontario studio from his essential list, plus a few others.


Keynote – Presentations

Numbers – Spreadsheets

Pages – Word processing

DocScan HD – Take a picture with the iPad, fix flaws, markup/make notes, convert to PDF/image and email/share.

CloudOn – Microsoft Word, Excel & PPT on your iPad, integrated with Dropbox

Skitch – Take a picture, add markups, share with anyone

Neu.Annotate PDF – Open PDF’s, mark them up with shapes, highlights & added text & share

Photo editing:

Instagram – Take and edit photos for a vintage effect

Adobe Photoshop Express – Photoshop on the go

Utility Apps:

Dropbox – Virtual storage

Evernote – Note taking

Goodreader – PDF reader and more

Dragon Dictation – You say it, it types it

Google Earth – Aerial mapping

SamCard – Take a picture of a business card, creates a contact from it instantly

Sketching Apps:

Penultimate – Digital sketchbook

Reading Apps:

Flipboard – Consolidate multiple feeds (Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, blogs, news sources) into one location to “flip” through content

Communication Apps:

Skype – Video chat

Astronomy Apps:

Star Walk for iPad – If you enjoy astronomy or are simply interested in that bright dot in the sky, this will show you everything in stunning detail using gps and gyroscopic aware location technology ($2.99 and totally worth it!)

Relaxation Apps:

Gravitarium2 – Music/interactive app running over 5000 particles and allows you to use up to 10 fingers at once. $1.99

MULTiPONK – Four players, one iPad, combined with classic Pong and pinball games