By Evan Troxel, Project Designer (Reposted from TRXL)

The following Q & A is my take on 11 questions that are commonly asked of us in the field of architecture. This is a fun and informative post, and the charge came from Bob Borson over at Life of an Architect (thanks Bob!) Lots of other bloggers are answering the same questions from their point of view as well. I’ll have links to them at the bottom of this article so once you’ve read mine, you can go along to another to get their perspective.

Q: What kind of projects were you doing when you first started as an architect?

I started interning in the same firm I work for now, although I did move to several other places over 12 years between my two stints. When I first started working at HMC Architects, I was not working directly on projects. Instead, I was working with the group that helped our school clients secure state funds to build their facilities.

Right after I graduated I was offered a permanent position and I eventually moved into working for the studio that was responsible for K-12 schools. I was mostly working on details in the beginning. It was through that process that I began my career and have eventually ended up as a school designer, among doing other public building types.

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