In April 2020, HMC released a seven-resolution Climate Action Plan that doubles down on the firm’s commitment to zero carbon. Since then, we’ve released the first two resolutions.

Next, we introduce Resolution No. 3:

100% Net Zero

Every day the news is filled with reports of catastrophic events caused by climate change, including droughts, wildfires, and food scarcity. These disasters are directly linked to fossil fuels and greenhouse gas emissions, which have a significant impact on both human and environmental health. Greenhouse gas emissions from commercial and residential buildings account for nearly 40 percent of total carbon dioxide emissions in the United States and, as architects, we have an opportunity to slow the progression of climate change. We have a responsibility to protect the environment for future generations and design every project to be 100% Net Zero ready.

Learn more about the seven resolutions that make up HMC’s Climate Action Plan below.