Fernanda Cardenas, CID, NCIDQ, passed the NCIDQ Examination and is now NCIDQ Certified. Fernanda is an interior design leader with RGA + A Studio of HMC Architects in the firm’s Sacramento studio. Throughout her nearly seven years of experience at the firm, she’s seen how important the work of the interiors team is to a project.  

“After becoming certified in California three years ago, I realized I wanted to become a more well-rounded designer,” she said. “NCIDQ being a national certification seemed like a good way to start that process outside of the day-to-day experience in the office.” 

In her time at the firm, she has worked on several projects of various sizes. When asked what projects she is most proud of, she said “I feel proud of every project I’ve ever worked on. Regardless of the project size or the amount of involvement I’ve had in it, each project has taught me different things and each one of them has provided me with at least one more piece of knowledge that I didn’t have the previous project.” 

NCIDQ Certification is the industry’s premier indicator of proficiency in interior design principles and a designer’s commitment to the profession. Fernanda’s certification symbolizes her continued dedication to the industry, our firm, and our clients.