Los Rios Community College District and Folsom Lake College celebrated the groundbreaking of the school’s New Science Building 2.1 in Folsom, California. HMC Architects, district representatives, faculty, staff, and students gathered for a special ceremony to celebrate the milestone of the district’s biggest project.

The new 48,900 ASF science building is designed to provide an environment where students can experience science in a positive way and learn and interact with people who share the same passion. The building will be home to the Biology and Chemistry Departments and allow for the Physical and Life Sciences and Career Education programs to expand with 8,800 ASF of lecture space, 28,900 ASF of lab space, and 11,200 ASF of office/admin support.  Located in a prominent location on the campus and visible from a nearby busy street (East Bidwell Street), the building puts learning on display and serves as a timeless vessel to promote and inspire learning for generations.

Designed with the future 2.2 building and courtyard in mind, the new building celebrates learning and the science programs within. The science center by the main entry features large windows to welcome students inside. Labs will have windows into the hallways which will put “Science on Display”. Circulation zones are designed to encourage collaboration and socialization, and allow students to observe what’s happening in nearby labs and classrooms. Taking a biomimicry approach to our design, we created a glass Voroni pattern facade for the main entry curtain wall. Exterior materials including plaster, metal panel, and thin brick were selected for their durability, cost effectiveness, and compatibility with the existing campus.

The project targets LEED Silver Certification and will be completed in October 2024. Thank you to our partners, Otto Construction, Buehler Engineering, Inc., Warren Consulting Engineers, RFD (Research Facilities Design), Interface Engineering, Inc., and MTW Group.