Join Nate Larmore and HMC’s Rebecca Hathaway at the Healthcare Facilities Symposium and Expo September 15, 2010, as they discuss that state of healthcare in America today, as well as top issues, goals and legislation affecting healthcare organizations.

The number one priority on the top ten list of healthcare technology issues is electronic medical records or electronic health record (EHR). On February 17, President Obama’s signature on the 1,100-page American Recovery and Reinvestment Act (ARRA) was hailed as a watershed moment for healthcare information technologies (IT). The financial provisions exceed $20 billion. They are intended to incentivize the development of IT infrastructure, as well as the implementation and utilization of EHR over the next five to seven years. However, the imbalance between the huge amount of funding and the narrow disbursement window leaves many healthcare IT executives doubtful. In an industry that desperately needs leadership, this is an unprecedented call to action. ARRA is an opportunity to redefine the application of technology within the healthcare environment. However, if healthcare organizations get lost in the cloud of confusion surrounding the act, they may find the ship has already sailed.