Healthcare construction costs in California are high—and often too much money is spent on hidden items like foundations and steel without gaining any added benefits for patients, doctors, and staff. That was the topic of the hour for the Metropolis Think Tank discussion held at our Los Angeles Studio in April 2016. Metropolis Magazine Editor Susan S. Szenasy led a panel discussion to learn how contractor-integrated design is reviving the healthcare industry by enabling owners to reduce construction costs and spend the savings where it counts most—on better care for patients, streamlined work environments for doctors and nurses, and beautiful hospitals that communities can be proud of.

Susan kicked off the dialogue with questions about OSHPD and what it means to design a hospital in California, then flowed into discussions about team collaboration, infection control, patient care, and technology. Read the tweet recap on Storify //


Stacey Pray, AIA, ACHA, CASp
Owner and Founder, SHP Project Development

Barbara Wagner, DBIA, LEED AP
Senior Vice President, Clark Construction

Rebecca Hathaway, R.N., M.S.N., EDAC, PVDN
Founder and President, Bridgestar Consulting

Healthcare Principal/Practice Leader, HMC Architects

George Vangelatos, AIA, LEED AP, BD+C, EDAC
Healthcare Design Principal/Practice Leader, HMC Architects

  • Susan S. Szenasy led the Think Tank discussion: Improved Delivery for Improved Healthcare

  • From left to right: Susan S. Szenasy (moderator), Kirk Rose, Stacey Pray, George Vangelatos, Barbara Wagner, Rebecca Hathaway.

  • Our LA studio attended the discussion, along with industry partners, colleagues, and clients.

  • “I’ve learned so much from my #designbuild partners, things I would have never thought to do independently.” #thinktank2016 –George Vangelatos

  • “With #designbuild, all the teams work alongside us. Every detail gets solved three years earlier than it used to.” – Kirk Rose #thinktank2016

  • “The trend is less about the patient being a guest, it’s about creating a human experience for the patient.” – Rebecca Hathaway #thinktank2016

  • "Part of the solution is about having an integrated team, to know what OSHPD is looking for." – George Vangelatos #thinktank2016

  • "Let’s talk about tech, there’s so much going on right now. But if you design for tech, you’ll always be behind." - Susan S. Szenasy #thinktank2016

  • After a lively 90-minute discussion and Q+A session with the audience, the Think Tank concluded with a delicious reception from Heirloom.

  • Los Angeles Managing Principal Pasqual Gutierrez toured Susan and Think Tank partners through the LA studio.