HMC Architects’ visualization for Golden West College’s Language Arts Complex is now one of 40 finalists for ArchDaily’s 2022 Architecture Visualization Awards.

Presented by Enscape, The ArchDaily Architectural Visualization Awards program is divided into four categories: Interior, Exterior, Conceptual and Real-Time Rendering by Enscape. The program aims to find the most inspirational designers who help visualize the future of our cities and buildings. Winning renderings will be named “The Best of the Year” and published by ArchDaily.

HMC’s visualization team brings design visions to life, taking them from interesting to incredible. This year, HMC submitted four renderings in the “exterior” category. Click here to vote for HMC in ArchDaily’s 2022 Architecture Visualization Awards. Voting is open until June 1 at 8:59 a.m.