HMC Architects was a proud sponsor of the 2019 Women in Architecture (WiA) Powerful Conference where HMC Senior Project Manager Mariné Maroukian moderated the discussion “Housing: Learning from Socially Sustainable Design,” and HMC Project Leader Ani Manuk serves as WiA Committee member.

In 2016, the WiA Committee developed from a strong desire to empower and promote positive change for women in the field of architecture, heavily fueled by the influential POWERFUL: Women Leading Design conference series. Its mission is to promote gender equity in the profession, and the committee meets monthly for a series of lectures, networking opportunities, and workshops.

This year—in its sixth iteration—the sold out, inspirational conference has grown to an international caliber event, and included a full day of keynote speakers, panelists and networking where attendees heard about the design process and impact of Virginia San Fratello’s seesaw at the U.S. international border wall, learned from Rosa Sheng on why equity matters, and heard from Academy Award-winning women in film and television.

HMC’s Maroukian is vice co-chair of AIA-LA’s WiA and has been part of the WiA Committee since its foundation in 2016. In 2020, she will serve as the WiA co-chair.

To learn more about the WiA committee, visit their website HERE.