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“Build Understanding, Build Successful Projects
What makes a building project successful? How can you provide the best learning environments for your students and community in an efficient and well-coordinated manner? These are the questions continually going through the minds of school district and county officials. Seeing the need for schools and building team members to better understand each other’s roles and responsibilities, the Central Valley Successful Projects Workshops were developed.

“Listening: Market Trends Summary
In late 2012, HMC conducted a client outreach “Market Survey” to better understand the trends affecting the K–12 market in California. We asked our survey participants to think about the future and respond with some of the more challenging issues that are keeping them awake at night.

“Local GO Bond Campaigns Make the Difference
With the uncertainty of future state funding and suspensions of Level III developer fees, school districts must rely more heavily on local funding to support educational facilities improvements. While this necessitates the evaluation of potential GO bond measures, it is important for districts to realize that successful campaigns do not just happen on their own.

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