For its February issue, Interiors & Sources focused on what’s ahead for the healthcare industry and profiled the Los Angeles Center for Women’s Health. Editor Robert Nieminen wrote in his editorial that HMC’s design is “shattering age-old expectations of what a visit to the doctor’s office should be like. At first glance, the center appears to be a cross between a spa and a contemporary office space—which was intentional, of course.”

Pam Maynard, CID, principal and director of interior architecture at HMC, explains, “We spent a lot of time with potential clients from L.A. and asked them what types of environments they felt would be most comfortable in which to receive medical care. And the places that they asked for were places that seemed to be very peaceful. The environment itself participates in the healing process by offering a space that’s reminiscent of a calming spa where women go to relax and de-stress.”

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HMC Architects creates a new model for healthcare with the L.A. Center for Women’s Health, a state-of-the-art medical facility that emulates a spa while catering to the needs of working women.