From advancements in technology to heartbreaking tragedies, the drivers of today’s educational facilities are far different from what they were just a few years ago. Changing technologies and a greater interest in providing safe, healthy, sustainable schools to foster 21st century learning is creating a new vision for the modern school. School Construction News recently spoke with HMC Pre-K-12 Education Practice Leader John Nichols and several others in an Architect Roundtable about trends in school design.

When asked about some of the latest trends in school design, John responded: “There is greater flexibility in school design and greater use of all spaces on a school campus to support anytime, anywhere learning. Design is now focused on greater flexibility of classroom spaces and furnishings to support a variety of instructional delivery methods (project-based learning, small group instruction, etc.). There is also a trend toward greater transparency of the educational process through increased glazing and operable walls to pique student’s curiosity. Schools are also increasing technology applications due to Common Core assessment needs and are witnessing greater bandwidth requirements due to increased use of personal devices. Libraries are also being replaced with learning commons.”

Read more about what John and the others had to say about:

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// How the increasing inclusion of technology in schools and curriculum is impacting school design
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// How schools are taking more of an interest in updated security measures

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