HMC Architects’ Designer Krystyna Howell has recently achieved a significant milestone in her career by becoming a licensed architect.

Becoming a licensed architect was incredibly important to Krystyna. Not only does licensure provide official recognition and validation of her skills and expertise in the field, it also gives clients confidence in her knowledge and abilities to undertake projects and signifies her dedication and the profession and willingness to adhere to a code of conduct and ethical standards for practicing architecture. Obtaining licensure is a personal and professional achievement that opens a world of opportunities. Finishing this chapter and earning her license has lifted a weight off her shoulders and she is happy and proud to call herself an architect.

In her time at HMC, Krystyna has worked on several of the firm’s largest education and community + culture spaces including the Yucca Valley Aquatics Center, Perris Elementary School’s Administration Building, and the MiraCosta College’s Health and Wellness Hub; where she was able to see the project all the way through from pursuit to submittal. “It was a very enriching experience to go through all the stages of the project. It’s currently in construction and looking great. I can’t wait to visit it once it’s fully built. I think it’s going to create a great college experience for many students,” she said. Currently, Krystyna is on a team of designers working on the Ontario City Hall Annex building. She says, “I am excited to work on an office building to create a positive work environment for Ontario’s city employees.”