Name  // Jaclyn Duran-Rubio, LEED AP, Associate AIA

Position // Senior Project Manager, Healthcare Studio

Years at HMC // 23

Memorable HMC Project and why //  Kaiser Permanente Downey Medical Center because I was able to be part of the project from design development through construction.  Including the onsite CA trailer team.  It was early morning hours with the worst traffic but I enjoyed our team.  The experience was well worth it.

How do you feel your work at HMC makes an impact and aligns with HMC’s mission to serve communities, anticipate their needs, and contribute to the greater good? //  I love collaborating as a team towards achieving a common goal.  Sometimes it is challenging however, it is always rewarding to listen, share ideas, problem-solve and be part of the process of working together to develop a solution and see a project come to life.

In my free time, I like to //  Hang out with my family, catch the latest movie with my husband and two boys, and watch the Dodgers. Whenever possible,  also love going wine tasting or trying new restaurants.  With busy schedules, any opportunity to hang out and do nothing (laptop free) is the best.

Secret Life/Fun Fact I’m a twin. We are not identical, but some have confused her for me (and vice versa) when running into each other outside of work since they did not know I was a twin.

I also played the clarinet starting in third grade and continued into middle school / high school band.  Competed in various middle school/high school parades and field show competitions.  I also played softball, playing third base, and sometimes pitcher.  Love a good competition!

Favorite TV show //  I enjoy watching Netflix and lately Apple TV; since ‘on demand’ makes it convenient to watch when I can – Love repeats of I Love Lucy, Seinfeld, also anything based on forensic science.  Also a few favorites with my teenage boys –  Cobra Kai, Stranger Things, Acapulco, and anything Marvel.

First Job //  While in high school, I was a student intern working at the school district.  It provided awesome hours and a good office experience.

Most recent book I read //   “Art of Gathering” by Priya Parker

Favorite Quote or life motto //   One small positive thought can change your whole day.”