Jillian Melgosa

Graphic Designer

Years at HMC // 8

Memorable HMC Project // We’re just wrapping up the Children’s Hospital Los Angeles (CHLA) Neuro Institute remodel, and I had a blast illustrating storybook adventure-themed murals for kids to interact with.

Extracurriculars // In my free time I like to visit museums and historical points of interest, hike, hunt for vintage treasures, and try to keep plants alive in my garden.

First Job // I was the nature director at a summer camp. I taught the kids how to catch lizards, identify animal tracks, and steer clear of poisonous plants. The other half of my job was to take care of a giant iguana, a flock of chickens, two grouchy snakes, a bearded dragon, a blind gecko, and a guinea pig. At the end of the summer, I had to find a home for every. single. animal. The cook’s wife “adopted” the chickens. I still feel guilty.

Secret life // My husband and I do woodworking together in our garage workshop. We enjoy creating new designs and running our Etsy shop!