MiraCosta Community College District and MiraCosta College in Oceanside, California recently marked the grand opening of their new Health and Wellness Hub, a significant milestone for the institution. The event was attended by the design-build team of HMC Architects + Balfour Beatty, Saiful Bouquet, P2S, Schmidt Design, faculty, staff, and esteemed community leaders, all gathered to commemorate the 74,336SF, $68 million project.

The Health and Wellness Hub stands as a testament to MiraCosta College’s overarching mission of fostering the academic and holistic success of its diverse learners within a caring and equitable environment. Housing essential facilities such as the allied health building, kinesiology, health, and nutrition building, as well as the gymnasium, the design seamlessly integrates multiple programs into a cohesive and collaborative space, facilitating innovation and shared learning opportunities.

A key feature of the hub is its emphasis on creating a comprehensive and inclusive campus environment. Through thoughtful landscape design, outdoor instructional spaces, and enhanced accessibility to surrounding areas, the hub ensures that every aspect of campus life is considered and catered for. The newly constructed gymnasium boasts state-of-the-art basketball and volleyball courts, team facilities, fitness areas, and administrative offices. With these additions, students can conveniently engage in on-campus practice sessions, reducing the time spent commuting between classes and training sessions. Additionally, the hub addresses the needs of students facing housing insecurity by offering laundry facilities. Situated on the eastern portion of the campus, the project is purposefully crafted to promote wellness, both physically and mentally. By consolidating health and wellness education spaces into a three-building complex seamlessly integrated with outdoor learning environments, the hub encourages a sense of community and cross-disciplinary collaboration while the careful arrangement of each space allows for the preservation of the unique identity of each program.

The hub is intelligently designed to maximize energy efficiency and sustainability. Utilizing a combination of high-performing building materials, cool roofs, and daylight harvesting strategies, the buildings are optimized to minimize energy consumption while ensuring occupant comfort. Additionally, innovative features such as deep roof overhangs and strategically placed skylights effectively manage glare and reduce reliance on artificial lighting, further contributing to the overall energy efficiency of the complex.

The MiraCosta College Health and Wellness Hub exemplifies a visionary approach to campus development, prioritizing the well-being and success of its students, faculty, and the broader community. With its innovative design, commitment to sustainability, and dedication to fostering collaboration, the building is poised to become a central hub for learning, growth, and holistic wellness for years to come.