The COVID-19 pandemic has challenged educators to reimagine and be creative with outdoor space as a way to support the safe return to in-person instruction given the lower risk of virus transmission.

To help schools and facilities professionals create equitable everyday outdoor learning experiences on their campuses, the Los Angeles County Office of Education has published design guidelines (download guide at right) with the support of HMC Architects and engineering and construction experts.

After spending the last year mostly indoors, isolated, and in front of a screen, it’s more evident now than ever that young students crave connectedness with the natural world, which offers a unique opportunity for cognitive and physical development.

The aim is not just to facilitate short-term solutions but to reinforce our momentum towards learning environments that enhance student success, wellness, and community.


By connecting intelligence and insight with creativity, we are able to advance innovation to better understand the needs of our clients and bring them the future of design.


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