By Rita Saikali, Design Leader

On Valentine’s Day, Architecture for Humanity launched their I Love Architecture (#ilovearchitecture) spring campaign, calling us to come together and profess our love for the profession. They proclaimed that, “the purpose of the campaign is twofold; to first and foremost boost morale for the discipline, and second to garner financial support for our amazing chapters that are contributing to sustainable design work around the world.” Since its launch, chapter members have shared their love for architecture within their cities, and designers from around the globe have also shared their artistic visionsfrom hand sketches, illustrations, photos, sculptures, and paintings to poems, playlists, and video clips.

As an advocate of their mission, I instigated a discussion among our HMC community, hosting a series of group and individual discussions to get folks excited about participating in the project. On April 5, staff members from the Ontario, San Jose, San Diego, and Los Angeles offices gathered to discuss what architecture meant to them. Everyone agreed that architecture serves a purpose, it influences and impacts people’s behaviors. It’s a personal extension of ourselves into the world, and as Winston Churchill proclaimed, “we shape buildings, thereafter they shape us.” Collectively, we composed a collage from our ideas, sketches, images, and three dimensional constructs. We then submitted our HMC graphic to the Architecture for Humanity Spring Charitable Auction taking place from June 19–29 on eBay.

Our submission to the I Love Architecture Charity Auction, bid now on ebay!

I encourage you to take a peek at all the creative submissions, and consider bidding on a unique piece, not only to inspire you on a daily basis, but also to contribute to an organization that is always pushing the boundaries, locally and internationally, of building back better.

Interested in attending the next Architecture for Humanity meeting? Our LA studio is hosting the meeting on Tuesday, June 26. Click here for details and to rsvp.