Last week, HMC released a seven-resolution Climate Action Plan that doubles down on its commitment to zero carbon.

This week, in honor of Earth Day’s 50th anniversary, we focus on Resolution No. 1 of that plan:

Lead by Example

It’s important for all of us at HMC to be part of the firm’s environmental commitment and work to positively impact the communities we serve.

To do that, all departments and studios will choose one person to be part of the firm’s regenerative design leadership forum. HMC will also pursue green business certification for all of its offices, with the goal of 100% certification by the end of 2020. A regenerative design leader from each office will be assigned to complete the tasks associated with certification. And HMC will conduct a firm-wide carbon footprint assessment every five years to consider the impact of the firm’s office operations.

Climate change requires swift action. As architects, we have a responsibility to LEAD BY EXAMPLE.


Learn more about the seven resolutions that make up the Climate Action Plan below.