The Collaborative for High Performance Schools (CHPS) has recognized Oxnard Union High School District’s Rancho Campana High School in Camarillo, California as a high-performance school that has earned CHPS Verified™ status.

Designed by HMC Architects, this school’s distinction demonstrates the project has undergone a rigorous design and construction process for review and is now in compliance with the CA-CHPS 2009 Criteria high performance school rating system.

“This is a significant achievement,” says Eric Carbonnier, PhD, AIA and VP of Sustainability at HMC Architects. “We’re proud that Rancho Campana has joined the distinguished rank of educational facilities that are leading the movement to build this new generation of healthy, high performance, green schools.”

The CHPS verification ensures that Rancho Campana has the required high-performance features to realize the benefits associated with a high-performance school including improved health, productivity and student performance, decreased operating costs, and increased energy savings.

The comprehensive 128,389 square-foot academy implemented notable regenerative design strategies to reduce energy demand and create healthy classroom environments that inspire creativity. Seventy-eight percent of classrooms and lab spaces are evenly draped in quality daylight, and 90 percent of those spaces have access to views.

The campus’s high-tech building energy management system lets occupants know when to open and close windows to take advantage of natural ventilation and reduce air conditioning demand. With an emphasis in energy reduction, the campus relies on high-efficient hydronic radiant flooring to heat spaces and eliminate all air displacement ductwork.

After review from a CHPS-approved third party reviewer, the school has achieved the necessary prerequisites, categorical minimums and credits to be recognized—earning 40 points of the 32 needed under the CA-CHPS 2009 Criteria Edition.

High Performance schools deliver many benefits to schools, including making a significant improvement on the health and education of children, inspiring future leaders and creating a stronger America.