HMC Architects’ Thomas Battis is now a licensed architect. As a design leader in HMC’s Sacramento studio, Thomas loves to bring projects to life that engage visitors and clients in new and dynamic ways. Innovating new ways to solve problems, collaborating with bright minds, and designing facilities that make lasting impacts drive his passion for architecture.

Thomas believes that architects have an opportunity to develop creative solutions for clients, create beautiful designs that can impact our communities, and change how people interact with the environment. “I’ve wanted to be an architect since I was 14 years old,” said Thomas. “Obtaining my license is the culmination of a lifelong dream that will enable me to develop new designs and solidify the knowledge I’ve gained over the last eight years as a designer.”

Thomas has worked on a variety of medical office buildings, outpatient facilities, and physical rehabilitation spaces. Thomas has worked on several projects including designing and project managing the award-winning redesign of UC Davis Health’s Point West Clinic. He is currently on a team developing the new Plumas District Hospital Skilled Nursing Facility in Quincy, California. He believes that skilled nursing facilities are particularly important for families and patients, and our team’s ability to craft an environment that meets the needs of this population is of utmost importance.