Building Design+Construction published a trends report in its January issue on “New facilities enhance the quality of campus life.” HMC’s Kate Diamond is one of the experts quoted in the report, which focuses on how colleges and universities are building state-of-the-art student unions, dining halls, and other non-academic buildings to enrich the campus experience, boost enrollment, and stay competitive.

Kate spoke to the publication about the widening gap between the haves and the have-nots in the world of higher education. “The public institutions, particularly in California, are having a really hard time and nobody is talking luxury, though quality-of-life projects are continuing to be developed,” says Diamond. “The question is how do we do more with less and continue to deliver real value?”

HMC Architects is trying to balance the more-with-less equation with a health counseling and wellness center for the University of California–Riverside. “The student fees need to go as far as they can, and we want as cost-effective a solution as possible,” says Diamond. “On the other hand, we’re building a 50-year building and want it to be a really attractive place where students will feel they’re getting top-grade professional service, as if they were out in the private sector.”

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