By Kaysha Bucher, Interior Design Coordinator

It’s finally sinking in that I’m really going to Haiti for my Xref trip. With the planning in the works and my departure just around the corner, the realization that I have this opportunity to travel to Haiti is significant and meaningful for me. I am thankful for all the support from our HMC team as I eagerly prepare for my upcoming venture in August.

While anticipation builds, I have joined an on-going dialogue with Schools for Children of the World (SCW), the non-profit group of architects, engineers, and planners I will be traveling and working with in Haiti for eight days. Joining this team of SCW’s ambassadors keeps me connected with the group to build vision in preparation for what the trip will hold. Between now and August, I and other SCW Ambassadors will take on initiatives through brainstorming sessions resulting in action plans. Topics will include evaluation and monitoring of the ten school sites I will be visiting in Haiti, and possibly designing playground equipment for SCW projects.

Other necessary preparations are in the works—I’ve scheduled my health check-ups and proper vaccinations recommended for travel in the Caribbean. Not so thrilling, but so worth it!

Winning HMC’s Xref competition fills my heart with thanks; I’m eager to share more news of my trip as my dream of helping Haiti becomes a reality.