A company’s brand is their promise to the customer, and being able to clearly communicate their values can build credibility and help them stand out from competitors. The same is true for schools, colleges and hospitals. A college with a strong reputation will attract more students; a hospital that values health and well-being will appeal to more patients. So while logos and marketing materials immediately come to mind, branding is really so much more. It’s a freshman’s first impression when they visit the student services building. It’s the waiting room experience that puts a patient’s nerves at ease. Branding is all encompassing and in many cases transcends to influence architecture.

Branded environments are an opportunity for our clients to extend their brand experience throughout their space. We design environments that are influenced by our clients’ branding elements, such as their color palettes and logos, but we also use their established value framework to inspire furnishings, lighting, signage and art. Our goal is to understand their brand promise and use it to influence the atmosphere of their space. Whether it’s an etched glass divider panel, custom flooring pattern or entry signage, our team understands the power of branding and can artfully infuse a client’s characteristics, values and attributes throughout the architecture of their facility.