Evidence-based practices. New technology. Speed to market. The goals for Henderson Hospital were ambitious. To become a new industry standard for the Las Vegas area, our team knew that a rigorous, lean approach to collaboration and innovation was critical. So, we created an integrated team environment where success and challenges were shared. The team—consisting of the owner, contractors, HMC Architects and several trade partners—successfully designed and constructed the hospital in 27 months, making it one of the fastest hospitals built in the western U.S. But speed to market didn’t mean a compromise in value.

Part of the new Union Village—the world’s first integrated health village—we set out to design, build and operate a Lean, efficient facility that allows for flexibility, productivity, and delivery of quality services that improve the patient and family experience for this growing southern Nevada community. Use of both prefabrication and on-site place modular construction contributed to a much faster, error free construction process. With patient satisfaction being a key driver, we created private patient rooms and solutions that reduce noise and limit the spread of bacteria. Our innovation to incorporate built-in narrow spectrum infection-control lighting in key treatment and operating rooms provides the safest, most infection free care environments possible. Patient areas are quiet and calming thanks to smart acoustics design, which includes isolation of the nurse station behind glass walls and a silent nurse call system that uses wireless phones instead of overhead paging. To promote patient healing and reduce the spread of germs, we incorporated silver ion-infused countertops in patient care areas, antimicrobial coatings on door handles, and indigo lighting in the surgery department to help reduce bacteria. Together, the integrated project team delivered a 214-bed acute healthcare facility that offers emergency care, women’s services, surgical services, and comprehensive care—bringing immense value to the community.