Despite its bustling surroundings on Hollywood’s Sunset Strip, the remodeled Kaiser Permanente Medical Center in Los Angeles is a welcoming and calm space. Fresh and contemporary elements evoke the essence of a boutique hotel and make the modernized facility a wellness haven for its members. Combining Kaiser’s Next Gen and Total Health Environment concepts, the facility is all about hospitality.

The design team’s big challenge was to remodel the medical center’s first floor with minimal interruption to its pharmacy, urgent care, and clinical lab. The remodel—including demolition—was completed in just 30 days. And within 10 months, the transformation was complete. Upon arrival, members are now greeted by staff and have the option to check in via self-service kiosks. Waiting areas provide guests the opportunity to connect and learn with the addition of workspaces, furniture equipped with charging stations, and Kaiser booths that provide health education resources. Abstract art and modern design elevate the space, while maintaining a sense of comfort. Varying ceiling heights and lighting types assist with wayfinding for members within the public square, and also make for a visually interesting space. Occupancy sensors ensure smarter energy use, while waste reduction signage is placed near water bottle refill stations in the lobby. Strategic use of prefabricated walls allows for possibilities of a swift future remodel. Our Interiors team incorporated Kaiser’s full spectrum color palette – clear, bright colors that help set the tone for a hopeful and refreshing experience.