The ambulatory care and surgery center on Kaiser Permanente’s San Marcos, California campus is a blend of functionality and mid-century modern aesthetics that meets the community’s outpatient needs and sets the stage for future development. The design aims to extend the healing environment beyond the boundary of the building envelope to create an indoor-outdoor oasis for patients, staff, and the surrounding community.

The new wing accommodates services for a future inpatient facility, while maintaining a finished look with interim uses—ultimately tying together past campus elements with future additions. The building is designed to be a hospital support building for a potential future inpatient facility and an iconic campus gateway to care for patients. The design of the facility exemplifies San Diego County’s varied coastal and desert microclimates while unfolding a soothing arrival experience for patients and staff. The outpatient surgery center helps set industry standards in healthcare practice, design, and cohesiveness among Kaiser Permanente healthcare facilities.