A Legacy of Collaboration and Innovation
HMC has a long-standing relationship with PVHMC, dating back to the late 1960s when we designed their surgery and emergency building. Over the years, as the demand for inpatient pediatric care increased, PVHMC sought to transform its aging and crowded pediatric unit into a modern facility that meets California’s 2030 seismic standards, ensuring full operational capability post-earthquake.

Securing State Funding for a Visionary Project
This project’s successful realization was made possible through a $15 million grant from the California Health Facilities Financing Authority (CHFFA) under the Children’s Hospital Program of 2018. We collaborated closely with PVHMC to create a compelling grant proposal, demonstrating the need for a modern, compliant pediatric care space and its significant benefits to the Pomona community.

The only way we could afford this improvement was to obtain a state grant. We appreciate HMC’s assistance with the application, compliance reports, and maintaining the project budget so we could make the project a reality. –Mike Vestino, Executive Director of Support Services, Pomona Valley Hospital

Creating a Dynamic and Healing Environment
Our design approach centered on creating a positive, bright, uplifting environment suitable for children of all ages. The new pediatric unit features 15 beds, including nine fully private and three semi-private rooms that accommodate sibling admissions and full parent/guardian rooming. It has nearby nursing stations and telemedicine capabilities to ensure comprehensive support services. The unit’s engaging design includes hallways and patient rooms adorned with vibrant colors, color-changing LED lights for personalized lighting experiences, and large infographics at kid-friendly heights. Environments are crafted to give children greater control, enhancing their well-being and healing outcomes. Specialized spaces include a calming room for those needing a serene atmosphere and an interior playroom for safe, comfortable play while awaiting treatment. Throughout the facility, high-end materials create a luxurious, boutique hotel ambiance, ensuring a positive and uplifting experience for all patients and their families.

A Unique Addition to the Local Healthcare Landscape
This project enhances the patient experience and sets a new standard for pediatric care design in the local healthcare marketplace. By alleviating barriers to quality care and creating an aesthetically distinct environment, PVHMC delivers an exceptional pediatric experience.