On the southern California coast, Torrance is a city that has no shortage of natural beauty. That beauty became an oyster bed of inspiration for us to create a patient-centered structure that was both nurturing and therapeutic. The new seven-story, 390,000-SF Lundquist Tower for Torrance Memorial Medical Center transforms the existing hospital into a 21st century healing environment while invoking the ambience of a world-class hotel resort. Ocean waves inspired the graceful, curved facade of the tower, while the glassy, metallic skin captures the essence of California’s picturesque sky. Soft colors, indirect light, gardens and other natural elements reveal the influence and high priority given to evoke tranquility in places where it’s needed most.

Our client’s top priority was to elevate the healthcare experience so that patients would feel like valued guests. Our solutions included designing daylight into all workspaces, sweeping views of the surrounding ocean and hills, and contact with the outside environment to support healthy circadian rhythms for patients and hospital staff. Our design attitudes transcend finishes and focus on elevating the guest experience. Operations, efficiency and staff interaction were all paramount. Private rooms, larger operating rooms and work areas optimized to reduce fatigue and increase care effectiveness were critical. With an increased emphasis on patient satisfaction, and research showing that patients with lower stress levels heal up to 40 percent faster, HMC’s result is a renewed approach to the concept of hospitality meets healthcare design.