The learning equation is evolving, and Evergreen Valley College’s new Math, Science, and Social Science Building (MS3) reflects the progression from divided, formal learning environments to a connected, informal/formal blend of spaces that cater to today’s modern students. On a mission to empower and prepare their students to succeed academically and be responsible global citizens, Evergreen Valley College combined their math and science programs with social science to foster interdisciplinary communication and inspire novel ideas. With this in mind, it was essential that our design solutions for the MS3 create intersections for students to meet and learn together.

Our design solutions for the MS3 focus on creating environments for cross-discipline learning moments. Students can work together in labs, convene in lecture rooms for traditional discourses, and visualize theories in the building’s experiment zones. These experiment zones, located both indoors and outdoors, are dedicated spaces where students can collaborate and set up installations to extend learning beyond the lecture room or lab. In addition to the experiment zones, easily accessible outdoor spaces draw students in from the campus’ plaza gateway and an outdoor walkway connects the south campus to the north. For students analyzing the MS3 from a mathematical perspective, the Fibonacci Sequence is represented with alternating colors of glass and materials on the exterior of the building. And when it comes to energy and water efficiency, the math does add up—the MS3 is on track for LEED Platinum certification.