We advance sustainable architecture and planning through proven and creative strategies that emphasize energy conservation, water resilience and carbon footprint reduction. Our sustainability culture is grounded in project-based solutions that deliver measurable results, customized for each client and project we work on. And when we design a building that consumes the same amount of energy that it produces on-site, we’ve done our part to reach net-zero energy and conserve our planet’s precious resources.

We take a proactive approach to sustainable, resilient design—it’s not just about what LEED rating our client wants.

Eco-charrettes – We lead eco-charrette workshops with our clients to find out exactly what they want from a sustainable design perspective and how we can make that happen. We want to know what would bring life to their project, how can we save energy and water, what strategies should we implement to lower their project’s impact on the surrounding environment.

Energy and water simulation – HMC aims for net-zero energy and water projects, and ultimately net positive projects. We believe that design has the potential to be regenerative, to provide back to the environment by coupling intelligent design with cutting edge technology.

Post occupancy evaluations – Crucial to measuring results and monitoring the effectiveness of a project’s sustainable design strategies, we dive right in to measure results and tweak any systems that may not be performing as intended.

Connect our clients to incentives – For our Pre-K-12 clients, we strive to link sustainability education to the school’s curriculum, and we’ve done so for several clients, such as Santa Monica Malibu School District and Corona-Norco Unified School District.

HMC Architects’ Sustainability Services

// Climate Action Plans (GHG & SCOPE Emissions)
// District Sustainability Guidelines
// Sustainability Master Planning
// Green Building Certification (LEED, CHPS, Regional Certification)
// Prop 39 Energy Audit/Evaluations
// Energy & Sustainability Grant Writing
// Energy and Efficient Measures (EEM)
// Energy & Sustainability Incentive support
// Code Analysis(Energy Code and CALGreen)
// Eco-Charrettes