Virtual Reality (VR) is an exciting new design tool that allows HMC Architects to explore architecture in an immersive way—from within. From this new vantage point, we’re able to experience a project as if it was built years in advance, improving collaboration and appreciating the full scale of architecture. And since clients yearn to fully understand project scope, VR gives us the capability to immerse them into a space—giving them the ease and ability to understand the worlds we create. Now, instead of emailing 2D drawings or simple snapshots of 3D models, clients can step inside their project and feel as though they can sit on furniture or reach out and grab a handrail.

In addition to being a powerful new way to communicate design intent to our clients, it also enables us to collaborate with them from the early stages of a project. Through experiencing a project in VR, clients have the opportunity to react to design decisions as if they were there—driving new questions and decision-making opportunities from within the virtual space. VR and the tools surrounding it allow a new level of collaboration in the design process. Throughout the past decade, HMC has enjoyed a longstanding commitment to visualization and design exploration that has positioned us at the forefront of the VR revolution. With our expertise and constantly evolving technology, our clients can explore options and our staff can iterate design solutions in real-world scale through the use of these digital tools. HMC is poised and ready to take clients on this new journey—solidifying our mission to act as a true “partner” and extension of their business.