HMC Architects’ Healthcare Planner and Researcher Adeleh Nejati, AIA, PhD, LEED AP, WELL AP, EDAC, will be speaking at The Center for Health Design’s San Francisco Health Design Insights Networking Event on March 11.

In a session titled “Research-based Innovations for Designing Staff Restorative Environments in Healthcare Facilities” Nejati will explore and summarize empirical evidence on the environmental features that foster staff restoration, including: circadian lighting, acoustics, air quality, “micro-break” opportunities, work-space design, staff break room, and garden design. She will also discuss recent research around the barriers that prevent nurses from taking restorative breaks and the value of break-related policies and design interventions.

The Center for Health Design advances best practices and empowers healthcare leaders with quality research that demonstrates the value of design to improve health outcomes, patient experience of care, and provider and staff satisfaction and performance. To learn more about the event, visit The Center’s website.