Integration of brand, technology, and innovation at McAfee’s Executive Briefing Center (EBC) landed the project on the cover of the February issue of Interiors & Sources! The article, “Battling the Dark Side,” describes how HMC’s Interiors team captured the essence of McAfee’s battle against malicious viruses that threaten the networks of unsuspecting corporations and how the company’s forces of good are working around the clock to prevent attacks from the dark side.

This story is told quite literally in the architectural language of the new McAfee EBC in Santa Clara, Calif. Supporting its bold, progressive reputation and visual identity, the design team at HMC Architects created a high-tech, high-touch 13,000-square-foot space where visitors can experience McAfee’s real-time, connected approach to cyber-security in an ever-changing world.

“McAfee knew they wanted this concept of feeling that you were walking through something dark and ominous and evil, and arriving at a place of strength and resolution to the problem,” explains James Woolum AIA, IIDA, design principal at HMC. “That shaped an architectural narrative that said, ‘Let’s think about the story of your products as kind of the struggle of good and evil.’ So it started this idea of light and dark.”

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