The October issue of PSMJ’s Project Management newsletter focuses on team management and innovation and features an interview with HMC President Beverly Prior, “Creating a winning culture.” In the article, Beverly answers the following questions:

— What makes HMC Architects unique?
— How does the fact that HMC is 100% employee-owned affect productivity and morale?
— What is your best advice for firm leaders seeking long-term success and sustainable growth?
— What do you see as the biggest challenges facing the architecture industry?
— How do you decompress when you aren’t running a busy and successful firm?

Here is what Beverly had to say about seeking long-term success and sustainable growth:

“HMC Architects’ design work and process is driven by a series of very simple guiding principles, including listening to learn, being adaptable and nimble, driving innovation and fostering an entrepreneurial spirit, as well as respect for and the development of our staff—these principles directly contribute to HMC’s success.

Here are some key points to help guide other firms toward long-term success:

  • It’s critical to stay connected to the profession—identifying issues and thinking together with colleagues helps build awareness.
  • It’s critical to listen to your staff.
  • It’s critical to listen to your clients.
  • It’s critical to invest in and develop your people and your technology.
  • It’s critical to foster a culture of leadership, innovation and entrepreneurialism.”


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