by Rita Saikali by Israel Peña

Follow our photo diary of Fremont High School’s career day visit to our Ontario studio.

1. Brian Staton welcomes students arriving from Fremont High School Academy of Engineering and Design Academy.

2. Pablo La Roche teaches Fremont students about environmental sustainability and describes the many ways sustainability considerations inform and influence the design process.

3. Brett Leavitt and colleague Alysen Weiland from Psomas talk about the importance of the close collaboration between engineers and architects throughout the design process.

4. Janice Endsley talks to students about marketing and graphics, and about the importance of presentation skills and clearly communicating ideas/concepts.

5. Fremont High School students exploring HMC Ontario.

6. James ‘Skip” Cass of TMAD Taylor Gaines outlines the path leading to licensure as a structural engineer.

7. Pasqual Gutierrez encourages the Fremont students to follow their dreams and discover their passion.

8. The final wrap up of the day with presenters answering questions regarding professional development and career planning strategies.

9. Students and teachers from Fremont High School pose with Israel and Rita who were delighted to see their DFF community project come to fruition.