HMC Architects’ Los Angeles and Ontario studios last month participated in a special fundraising event for The Pablove Foundation, a nonprofit that supports pediatric cancer research and healing programs. HMC was invited to participate in the event organized by commercial furniture brand Steelcase.

Every year, approximately 14,200 children are diagnosed with cancer nationwide. This diagnosis can be a devastating blow to a child and their family as they prepare for a difficult and chaotic journey ahead. To help children and their families on this journey, Steelcase representatives invited a dozen of L.A.’s best design firms to imagine, design, and create a table top to be displayed and auctioned to benefit The Pablove Foundation.

HMC’s Ontario studio was inspired by the Japanese art of repair, Kintsugi. They designed “Bodhi” to illustrate the devastating impact of pediatric cancer and the unexpected family unity that cancer can inspire. The table was made from hand poured concrete, gold glass, and resin to illustrate the strength and beauty that can arise from life’s challenges. HMC’s Los Angeles team illustrated life as a tapestry. In the moment of hard times and trial, it’s easy to see the chaotic underside. But, when the tapestry is looked at from above, the chaos comes together for a beautiful reason. “Tapestry of Life” was made from hundreds of cotton-filled fabric puffs that were pulled through chicken wire and secured to make a bright table that doubles as a chair.

Pablove’s CEO loved the colors and joyfulness of L.A.’s creation and placed the winning bid to ensure the table-chair could live in the Pablove office. Steelcase representatives awarded Ontario’s “Bodhi” with “Best Overall Concept.” The design and its story spoke to the journey through childhood cancer and the mission of The Pablove Foundation. HMC’s table designs raised $1,200 and the event raised over $12,000 to support the foundation.