The Edison Table, designed and developed by HMC Senior Project Designer Aaron Buehring and Custom Educational Furnishings (CEF) recently received an International Interior Design Association (IIDA) EdSpaces Innovation Award for 2017 Best of Competition.

With breakthrough solutions throughout, the Edison Table embodies the inventor’s spirit by maximizing creative time and minimizing the amount of logistical preparation work and clean up—providing a complete maker experience.

“When it comes to providing students with hands-on opportunities to design, create, problem-solve, and construct, said Aaron Buehring. “A student’s main work table should be a shining example of the very innovation we want them to apply.”

Through strategically placed holes cut into the tabletop, students can push all waste into appropriate trash and recycling bins, which are built in and accessible underneath the table. From there, the custodial crew can remove the full receptacles with a simple pulling motion.


When the Edison Table is not in use, the stools may be stowed underneath using a magnetic storage system. Users can simply lift the stool to touch the top to the overhang—engaging the magnet—to hold the stool off the ground. This allows for quick clean up and transportation. Integrated storage totes for student projects or supplies, power/USB outlets, and locking wheels support all other logistical needs.

As a design firm, HMC is always looking for ways to provide solutions and improve learning environments beyond the building architecture. The Edison Table is an example of our commitment to innovation, project-based learning, and successful outcomes for the students who occupy our spaces.