In April 2020, HMC released a seven-resolution Climate Action Plan that doubles down on the firm’s commitment to zero carbon. And in honor of Earth Day, we introduced Resolution No. 1: Lead by Example.

Next, we focus on Resolution No. 2:

Know Where We Stand

HMC is a signatory of the American Institute of Architects (AIA) 2030 Commitment, which aims to prioritize energy performance leading to carbon neutral buildings. Over 400 architectural firms have adopted the 2030 Challenge to design energy efficient buildings that use 70 percent less fossil fuel energy. Each year, HMC reports the energy performance of its new buildings and renovations to the AIA 2030 Commitment. Since 2013 we have reported 220 projects averaging a 42 percent reduction in energy consumption which is far less than the targeted 70 percent. Buildings contribute a whopping 40 percent of annual global greenhouse gas emissions, so our goal is to elevate our clients’ energy reduction aspirations that in turn, save them money, and reduce the environmental impact.

Climate change requires swift action. As architects, we have a responsibility to always KNOW WHERE WE STAND.

Learn more about the seven resolutions that make up HMC’s Climate Action Plan below.